the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 at the University of Zielona Góra

Types of Polish language courses for foreigners

The classes are carried out by the Polish linguists, specializing in teaching Polish as a foreign language.

Polish language course by the semester
(in academic rhythm)

Intensive (accelerated) Polish language course
(time and course are agreed with the group)

The Polish language course for companies
(adapted to their needs)

General information

Number of hours 30
Number of meetings (classes) 15
Number of hours by week 2 x 90 min.
Number of persons in group min.11, max. 15
Learning materials included in price
Test at the end included in price
Price from the person 350 zł

End of the Course

The course ends with a test of knowledge and skills, the passing of which is a condition for receiving a certificate of participation in the course.

Additional information is provided by the Secretariat of the Institute of Polish Philology of the University of Zielona Góra.

Are you interested in?

Fill in the application form and mail (send) it to us

In order to cancel the course and refund the fee, please complete the cancellation statement of the course and apply for a refund of the course fee and submit to the course manager.
After starting the course or issuing the registration certificate for the course, there is no way to refund the fee.